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Potential level transmitter
【Brief】:CRV100B potentiometer continuous level sensor measurement principle: put a measuring rod in the tank body, apply standard high-frequency voltage at both ends of the measuring rod, 100mV per meter; if the height of the material to be tested is H meters, the tank body The induced voltage is 1/2H × 100mV; by measuring the voltage of the tank to calculate the H meter of material height.
【Series】:Potential level transmitter



✔ Suitable for continuous level measurement in tanks;
✔ Suitable for level measurement of solid and liquid (containing paste, viscous medium);
✔ Suitable for level control on quantitative feeding equipment;
✔ The minimum relative dielectric constant applied to the medium is 1.5;
✔ By determining the volume of the silo and the bulk density of the material, the silo material can be automatically converted into mass by software.


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