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20L Filling machine
【Brief】:Suitable for filling of flowable chemical liquids such as paint,coatings, inks, adhesives, curing agents, lubricating oils, resins, emulsions, real stone paints, sulfuric acid, etc.
Customer can configure your specific filler online by yourself. Afterwards, you will receive the respective quotation.
【Series】:20L Filling machine

✔Filling Range Optional : 1~5 kg range, 5~30kg range, 30~50kg range, 100~1000kg range
✔Double speed filling(in the beginning filling fast, and then filling slowly when close to target filling volume), high filling precision.
✔Double head or Single head, optional
✔Drum top fill, bottom up fill and Level controller upward movement, Optional
✔Height of nozzle is adjustable, adjustable slot to locate barrel.
✔The PWC filling control system independently developed by Longtec adopts the English operation interface, which is easy to operate, with high precision of ingredients and good stability. And has a data report function, with an Internet of Things communication interface, can communicate with PC。
✔The filling head adopts the quick connection method, which is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.
✔Explosion-proof device optional
✔Be able to design the machine according to the customer requirement. (MOQ is 1 pc)
Tell us about your requirements, so our engineer can help you issue technical scheme and Quote.
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